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Friday, September 02, 2005

Sienna Miller is HOT

I know i've said this before and I will keep saying it. Jude Law is the dumbest man on earth. Who could possibly be better then Sienna. I mean unless she has a tinny penis that she hides in her butt, and even if that was the case I would still totally bang her.

Mariah Carey @ Pam Anderson Book Launch

Just when you think that Mariah is a big fat cow she goes and dolls herself up.

Pink At the beach

Sorry to say this but pink looks like a 15 year old boy with tits.

Jennifer Love Hewitt loves reading tabloids

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Maria Sharapova at US Open

Some people may not appreciate a sweaty Russian girl playing tennis. But I look at it this way. Any girl that can shove 3 or 4 balls in her tight spandex shorts while holding on to a rod shaped object and running around, is cool in my book.

Carmen Electra @ Stuff Pre-VMA party

OMG I think I found my dream woman. I mean look how high she can kick. The only down side to her is that she is only attracted to gay men. Oh well, guess I will have to keep looking.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Tara Reid's younger Sister

I wonder if Tara and her sister got the boobs done at the same time so they can look like twins. I mean this twin thing is a major selling point. For example look at the Olsans. I think it’s just a matter of time before Tara starts using her sister to get speaking rolls in movies. Because this drunken slut routine that she is using now doesn’t seem to be working for her.

Jessica Simpson up-skirt

Jessica Simpson Pool Side

Lacey Chabert Dirty Deeds Premier

I've always thought that lacey was really hot. But there was always just something wrong with her face, and now I know what that something is. One of her eyes is bigger then the other. So today I decided that I am totally not going to have sex we her ever again.

Eva Longoria at KOI Resturant