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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Angelina Jolie @ "Mr & Mrs Simth" Premiere

mmmmmm leather...

Gabrielle Union "The Honeymooners" World Premiere

Jessica Simpson in an Army t-shirt

I've been posing too many Jessica Simpson pictures and I am just about sick of her, so no more pictures of Jessica until she shows to boobies or maybe some snatch. Hell I would even consider posting an upstart, but no more pictures like this.

Dannii Minogue leaving a casino

It’s really hard to say which Minogue sister is hotter so I am going to have to say that I’d hit both of them, at the same time… ohhhhhhhh yeahhhh… ops I made a mess.

Lindsay Lohan Braless coming out of a club

They caught her and she is doing the walk of shame. Or maybe she is just drunk.

Jennifer Love Hewitt 2005 crystal/lucy awards